Don't Waste Your Money on an In-Person TEFL Course

So you’ve decided to teach English abroad, but you don’t know where to begin. There are endless options of in person TEFLs and TESOLS as well as online TEFL courses ranging from 60 to 260 hours. We will give you the details of what is actually important and what schools are looking for when you teach English in Thailand.


Schools in Thailand want to see that you have a TEFL, whether you are a Native or Non Native English speaker. However, it is not very important to them where the TEFL is from. If you have a year before you come to Thailand, spend that time gaining some experience with children. Tutor at your local library or coach a soccer team. Anything that can add some teaching experience with children on your CV.

The only reason we suggest completing an in person TEFL course, is if you are terrified of teaching. If you are terrified of teaching, and going for it anyway, good for you, congrats, on stepping out of your comfort zone! An in person course, will give you some practice speaking in front of groups in a classroom. However, in our Teach in Chiang Mai Program, we offer a 120 hour online TEFL, where we help train you to lesson plan and learn about different student learning levels before you arrive in Thailand.

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Through your completion of the online TEFL and our guidance, you will be prepared to teach your first class in Thailand. We prepare you to lesson plan using the standards in Chiang Mai private schools. We also prepare you for your demo lesson interviews and to understand the teaching job you’ve signed up for.

Through our Teach in Chiang Mai Program, you will get a teaching job in Chiang Mai, an apartment in a central location with the first month rent paid for, WIFI installation, airport pick up, Sim Card, motorbike rental free for one month, five tourist attractions and many more extras to make Chiang Mai your new home.

We don’t just “place” you in a job. We offer you at least three interviews so you can decide which school is right for you. Your apartment will be in a central location, but at the right price point for your salary as a teacher. Don’t waste your money over paying when you first arrive in Thailand. With our Teach in Chiang Mai Program you will be set up to be in the best case scenario possible.

Don’t do yourself a disservice by spending $1,500-$2,000 USD on an in person TEFL and finish the course without a teaching job. Most in person TEFL programs offer job placement, but take at least 5,000 ($150 USD) of your paycheck every month. We are here for you and ready to put you in the best position possible. Chiang Mai is the best city in Thailand to teach English. Don’t settle for anywhere else.

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