Loy Krathong 2019 in Chiang Mai


Loy Krathong is celebrated annually on the Full Moon Day of the Twelfth Lunar month. This means, it always falls sometime in November. The word “loy” means to float and “krathong means a vessel in the shape of the lotus flower.

Loy Krathong, or also referred to as the Yi Peng Festival, is a once in a lifetime experience. If you’re lucky enough to live in Chiang Mai, you can enjoy it year after year. It truly never gets old.

Because we love Loy Krathong so much, we’ve decided to create the perfect event this year. We are hosting a Loy Krathong River Cruise Experience. You will be able to experience the magic of the holiday on a long tail boat on the river!

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This evening is perfect for couples, groups, solo travelers, friends and families. A 3 course meal will be served on board, with 5 different options for Vegan, Vegetarian, Thai, Western food and a children’s menu. Free flowing wine, beer, water, and soft drinks will be included. If you have food allergies, please let us know, we can have a special menu and meal prepared for you.

We will start the night at 6pm making a traditional Thai Krathong. A krathong is made from a part of a banana tree trunk, which is then elaborately decorated with folded banana leaves and flowers in intricate designs. There are also incense and candles added, which you will light before releasing it into the river. The act of releasing the krathong into the river means letting go of negative emotions, to free oneself of all anxieties. The release allows space for the oncoming good luck and fortune.

All activities will take place at The Riverside Bar & Restaurant. The workshop will take place in the restaurant’s garden. We will release the krathongs off the boat after we finish eating. The boat will leave the Riverside dock at 8pm and the 3 course meal will be served on board. The boat will return at 9:15 and we will walk together to the iron bridge with our biodegradable lanterns to light.


6:00pm Krathong Workshop Begins

7:30pm Release krathongs on the river.

8:00pm Boat departs from Riverside Bar & Restaurant

9:15pm Boat returns to Riverside

9:30pm Walk to iron bridge to release biodegradable lanterns (lanterns are made from paper and a string is used instead of wire)

*There are only 30 spots available on each boat. Purchase now, for a guaranteed spot.

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