"Working with Amanda was incredible. She was a huge help in my transition from the states to Chiang Mai and was there every step of the way! From fixing up my resume to airport pickup and taking me to get a new SIM card. Any question I had Amanda was attentive and ready to help any way she could! I really do believe that my journey to Chiang Mai would not have been possible without Amanda's hard work and attention to detail. I'm forever grateful to her for setting up this amazing opportunity for me (and making it so easy!!!)" - David


"Amanda at Settle in Abroad made our Thailand visit a super success! We are a family that loves to travel and Amanda arranged everything for us. We visited Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Phi Phi and Ao Nang. Flights, pickups at the airport, all of our many tours and restaurant reservations were arranged to perfection! Amanda always made great suggestions and filled our days with so many interesting adventures! Don’t go to Thailand without consulting with Amanda. Thank you so much!!” - Dana

"Amanda Gedney came into my life this past June and I have to say that I am more than satisfied with all that she has done for me.

About 3 years ago, after recovering from a family tragedy, the sudden death of my brother, I decided to explore the possibility of moving to Thailand. In the states, I became credentialed to teach high school English. I considered my idea to move as something that needed further exploring. I did not want to be hasty in this life-altering decision.


I had first visited Northern Thailand nearly 20 years ago and I considered Chiangmai to be a place I imagined I could live. A year after the family tragedy, I revisited the city and the city of Chiang Mai still captured my heart. On what would be the first of four trips back to South East Asia, I decided to check out other regions and compare them to Chiang Mai. After the 3rd visit that covered Vietnam and Cambodia, I pretty much decided that Chiangmai was the place for me.

april 2.jpg

I returned to Thailand in June 2017. After 2 hard years of teaching in Los Angeles that I needed to make this move as soon as possible. In short, I viewed my situation in Los Angeles as being that of a 51-year-old teacher being slowly grated down to dust. I was happy being a teacher but not happy being a teacher in Los Angeles

After a few face-to-face meetings, I felt strongly that I could trust her to help me find a decent job, address any questions or concerns had in a timely manner and settle me as much as possible before my arrival in Thailand.


For me, as mentioned, I have familiarity with the city and its general vibe. My main challenge was to bring my dogs with me. My dogs are the 3 things from my former life that I was unwilling to give up. The dogs arriving safely were the 3 things that kept me up at night with worry and dread. The move was hard enough, to give up my home, get rid of all my stuff, spend time comforting my mother and father, saying proper goodbyes to friends and colleagues, and a myriad of other things too long and tedious to list here. All these other elements were stressful, but the dogs... That was tough.

Without Amanda and her company, I don't think I could have done this, not with three dogs. Amanda, and this was not easy for her, found me a charming riverfront home in a central location that accepted my dogs. Amanda did a lot of the busy work to collect my CV materials and copies of my credentials and transcripts and was in short time able to secure an interview with me for the job I got." -Reed


“Settle in Abroad made my dreams come true! Amanda has been incredible throughout this entire experience. Amanda really sets you up to live in Chiang Mai and is with you throughout the entire process.

She set me up with interviews at amazing schools and helped me land my perfect teaching job! I ended up making much more money than I expected. I stayed at this job for two years. She also set me up in a cozy house with fast internet, an unlimited Sim Card, and a safe, reliable motorbike. I never thought moving abroad could be this easy, all thanks to Amanda. One of the best parts that Amanda helped introduce me into was the community of expats living in Chiang Mai from all over the world. From day one I was set up with everything I could need and then introduced to an amazing community of people filled with yoga, healthy food, and adventures.


I've also had the opportunity to travel to so many countries with my time off from teaching. I can't recommend this program more. If you are thinking about using Settle in Abroad, sign up today!” - Jess


"Amanda has been an amazing help throughout my transition from life at home (in the U.S.) to living a happy and easy life here in Chiang Mai! I never knew that such a seemingly big leap could be so smooth and worry-free. Amanda knows the in's and out's of Chiang Mai, and she is the Queen of recommendations. Settle in Abroad has been a massive help with big fundamental things like finding a great place to live, and most importantly: a job in my new life here. She is also incredible with her attention to the details: the best laundry place, the best Mexican street food, and where to find the tastiest fried chicken in town. Settle in Abroad has helped me find a life of freedom, and it has been easier than I could have ever imagined. Buy your plane ticket, and put your trust in Amanda. She will do the rest!!" -Dave

"I'm not a native english speaker, and I knew that its not easy to get a job once you're in this condition. But Amanda made it easy! In about one week I got an interview and was hired for a good job with very good wage. Plus, she is sweet and always so helpful. She gave me all instructions I needed and helped me with everything. I've had her support all the time from the beginning. Takes only a couple worlds with her to feel confident on what she do. Thx Amanda!" -Andre

Amanda has been incredible throughout the entire process of finding me a job. She helped edit my CV, prepare me for my demo lessons, and really help me understand the teaching contract with the school. I would not have been able to find as great of a job as I currently have without her! Whenever I felt insecure about anything, Amanda supported me with her experience and knowledge! She really cares about the teachers she works with. Not only did she find me a job, she helped me find my accommodation in a central location and the amazing community of people that live here from all over the world. Chiang Mai felt like a home for me the second I arrived because of Amanda. Thanks to Amanda for being so professional and great at any moment!! 🤗 -Jenny

family 2.jpg

"At the end of October Amanda planned a week in Chiang Mai for my parents! She was extremely professional, easy going to their changes and requests, and was available for them during their entire stay! Their time in CM wouldn't have been the same without her. She had great food and massage recommendations. My parents aren't easy to please and they had nothing but great things to say about Amandas service! Thanks so much!!!!" -Natalie

Amanda was very helpful in helping me find a job quickly at a high-quality school in Chiang Mai! She was quick to respond to my questions and friendly to work with. I would totally recommend using Settle in Abroad over using an agency to find a teaching position! -Lauren

"Incredibly friendly, helpful and knowledgeable people who will take the stress out of your adventure! Highly recommended!" -Lizzy

"Thank you so much for helping me get settled in Chiang mai. Loving the job and the house you found for us! Thanks so much! Highly recommend!!!" -Aaron