How to Legally Work as an English Teacher in Thailand

Are you feeling that it's time for an adventure? Do you want the chance to live abroad and make money? Are you worried about the legality process of working in a different country? Well, we have all the answers for you about how to legally work as an English Teacher in Thailand.


We believe that teaching abroad changes lives for the better. It is amazing to watch our teachers’ growth from the first day they arrived at orientation in Thailand to their last day of teaching.

1. Have a Bachelor’s Degree in any Subject

To get a work permit in Thailand, which allows you to legally be an English Teacher in Thailand for a year and can be renewed each year, you must have a Bachelor’s degree. These are one of the documents required by the Ministry of Education when you submit your information for the visa. Don't worry about the visa process. Most schools in Thailand have an immigration department specifically for foreign teachers. Be sure to arrive with copies of your diploma, transcript and passport. 


2. Get your TEFL

Many schools require that you have a TEFL. Your salary will be higher if you have your TEFL. Don't worry, through our programs we help you get your TEFL online before you arrive. You have two months to complete it once you begin and can complete it at your own pace. Many teachers ask us whether it is better to get the TEFL in person or online. We believe that the best teaching experience will happen in the classroom. In your first week orientation we will train you to lesson plan correctly, work on classroom management skills,

3. Make your CV Shine

Don’t have teaching experience? Not a problem. I guarantee you have some experience that you can put on your resume or talk about in your interview. Do you have a younger sister? Were you a camp counselor? Have you tutored students before? These are all valid work experiences that the employers want to hear about. We edit your CV through our program, to put you in the best position possible in finding a teaching position.

Types of Schools:

There are 3 different types of schools in Thailand. They are Private, Government, and International. If you have an accredited degree in education, you will most likely be able to teach at an International School. In Chiang Mai many International Schools pay up to $2,500 USD a month.

However, if you just have a Bachelor’s degree in any subject, private schools are for you. They pay an average of $1,000 USD a month. They are often less involved as International Schools. You end up having a lot of free time throughout the day.

Additional Perks as a Teacher:

Having a work visa and work permit through your school is the best way to stay in Thailand. There is a whole department at your school who’s job it is to make sure everything is right with your visa. You will realize how great it is to not have to worry about visa runs.

There’s nothing better than getting paid when you’re not working. Well, lucky for you there are over 16 Thai public holidays a year and many weeks off between semesters. Life as an English Teacher in Thailand definitely gives you the best work life balance.

Now you know how to legally work as an English Teacher in Thailand is easier than you expected. Let’s help you choose the program that’s right for you and get your adventure started today.

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