Chiang Mai Starter Package

Chiang Mai Starter Package

from 33.00

5,000 baht New Set

4,000 baht Slightly Used Set (Only cooking appliances and utensils may be slightly used)

This will be delivered to your accommodation before you arrive in Chiang Mai.
-Rice Cooker
-Electric Cooker
-Tea Kettle
-2 Mugs
-2 cups
-2 plates
-2 bowls
-2 Cooking Knives
-2 Cutting Boards
-Hand Soap
-Paper Towels
-Toilet Paper
-Cleaning Supplies (Mop, broom, Dish soap)

Please see below for some additional add ons to the package.

Eco Add ons: 1,000 baht
-2 Metal Reusable Straws + Brush Cleaner
-Collapsible Travel Tupperware
-Travel utensils - bamboo spoon and fork
-Collapsible travel cup - suitable for hot and cold liquids
-Reusable Water Bottle - BPA free

Bedding Add on: 2,000 baht
-Set of sheets according to bed size
-Duvet/ Comforter Set
-2 Pillows
-2 Towels
-2 Kitchen Towels

WIFI + SIM Card: 3,000 baht
-We assist to set up your WIFI even before your arrival.
-We will take you to get a SIM card and explain to you how to pay for your phone plan each month.
-We will pay for your WIFI installation fee, first month WIFI
-We will pay for your SIM card and first month bill with unlimited data

Does your condo not have a kitchen? No problem! All of these appliances can be used in your condo. Easy to place on a desk or even on the floor.

Do you only plan to stay in Chiang Mai for a few months? No problem! We will show you how to easily sell them before you leave, or you have the option to return them to us and we can either reuse them or donate them.

Do you prefer not to buy new material goods, to help Mama Earth? No problem! You can pay 1,000 baht less for our slightly used kitchen package. Only the cooking appliances and dishware will be slightly used. Also, consider about adding on our eco-package to get all the travel tupperware you need to reduce your plastic use in Chiang Mai and for future travels.

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